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Ciorcal na mBan

‘Ciorcal na mBan’ was created following Andrea Lippert’s project ‘A light in the Dark’ created in the Landmark Education SELP programme.

Ciorcal na mBan – The Circle of the Women

The beginnings – over the last few years I have searched to create a happy and powerful life for myself. I did personal development courses with Landmark Education, took part in Family Constellations. I practice Tai Chi and Meditation and have an interest in Holistic Healing. Working as a tour guide, looking after people and finding out about the history of places showed me in the end it is all about people and their endeavour to have a good life and to make a difference in the world. This made me aware of the spiritual aspects of life as well.

An Ciorcal na mBan – in connection with Tai Chi a few women already got together for a weekly meditation. Looking around me I could see many wonderful women with many talents, many skills, trying to make a good life, like myself. I started thinking about a bigger group of women getting
together to meditate. And from there it was only a short route to think about a circle of women, meeting once a week to meditate. And there is plenty of things we can do from here – walking, art, writing, sports, music. Eventually we will have a website as a forum to exchange information and ideas.

Since Lughnasa, 1st August we are getting together in a beautiful place, a healing centre, which was created by a good friend of mine, a wonderful, inspiring woman and healer who left this world and ‘went back to universe’ early this year.

An Ciorcal na mBan
Andrea Lippert


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