The ABC Run For Literacy Awareness

The ABC Run For Literacy Awareness was Christine Daly’s project that she created when she took part in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program in Ireland. The run was a 5k event that took place at noon on August 21st at the Wicklow Sailing Club. Participants contributed €15 to enter (€12 for children under 18 and seniors). Prize went to participants for winning their race category, as well as to those who wore the best hats! The race started at the sailing club overlooking the harbour, went all through the town, giving great views of Wicklow Bay.

All proceeds from the event went to a pilot program in Wicklow to raise awareness of illiteracy, through the administration of ABC 123 For Literacy. It is estimated that 25% of Ireland’s adult population is illiterate. ABC 123 For Literacy seeks to raise awareness of the issue, and to encourage literate adults to become volunteers that help others learn to read. ABC’s campaign is asking people to donate just one hour a week of their time. To learn more, visit their website at


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Climbing Kilimanjaro and Benefiting Children

This is a story about a woman from Sligo who rasied money for Barnardos by climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro.

Olivia  Seery hadn’t seen Mt. Kilimanjaro is almost 30 years until she returned to  climb it this September. Although she didn’t quite reach the summit, her efforts did have her reach another challenging goal – raising over €5,000 for Barnardos Children’s Charity, the largest such charity in Ireland.

Seery,  who leads Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program in Ireland, created ‘Back to Africa for Ireland’s Children’ as her project while leading her latest course. The climb for charity was a stretch for Seery in more ways than one. Raising a large amount of money required a breakthrough in asking for things from others. It also required a breakthrough physically, as such a climb initially looked near impossible for the 66 year-old Seery.

It  began with her building her aerobic endurance. She ran a number of 10k races, including one to raise money. She found other ingenious ways to meet her fundraising goal, including a quiz at a local pub, a cake sale at her church, and ‘Barnardos buckets’ at the checkout of her local supermarket.

She  also created a donation page on the Barnados website, which still works for those who would like to contribute:

Seery  also had to find hills to climb and workout equipment that would simulate climbing, as the midlands of Ireland are extremely flat and she was unused to any sort of climbing. She continued to work out vigorously over a three month period.

She  left Ireland on September 8th and joined 17 others in the trek towards the summit. After three days, Seery reached the Mawenzi Tarn Camp at a height of 4,330 meters (over 14,000 feet), but it was clear at this point she would have to turn back – she was suffering from both altitude sickness and severe dehydration – and IV drip needed to be set up for her there.

Although  Seery was unable to reach the summit, she had no regrets about her trip, having given it everything she had at all stages of the project. In all the training, fundraising, climbing and being taken down the mountain, Seery got connected to community and contribution in a way she never had before.

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Restoring a Father Son Relationship

This video is about a man who had left Ireland to live in Australia in part because of a falling out with his father.  Here he shares about how through his participation in the Landmark Forum he was able to  take responsibility for his role in the falling out and renew his relationship with his father.  In fact he is returning to live in Ireland after more than 20 years.

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Ireland’s Largest Childrens Charity Acknowledges Landmark Graduate Project

A link to  a story on Landmark Education News was submitted to us about a project created by Olivia Seery of Sligo who created a funraising walk to raise money for Barnardo’s- a leading childrens charity in both the UK and Ireland.  Prior to creating the charity walk, Olivia had not traveled more than a kilometer on foot in many many years.

We also understand that Olivia has just returned from a trek on Mt. Kilamanjaro where she was raising money from the same Charity.   We hope that we can get a story up on this site very soon.

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New Hairizons Raises Funds For Cancer Research

In addition to being a sucessful salon owner in Armagh, Anne Moore is the founder of a chairty.  New Hairizons is a charity created by Anne  in her Self Expression and Leadership Program in 2008.  New Hairizons raises money so that women going through cancer treatment can get makeovers.   Here is a story from serval years ago from the website: Landmark Education News



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Landmark Education In Ireland

Landmark Education Programs have been offered in Ireland for nearly 10 years.   Starting with a Landmark Forum in Dublin; today, Graduates of The Landmark Forum live in many cities in Ireland, from Sligo, to Limerick, and Cork.

Four Landmark Education Programs are offered in Ireland:

1)  The Landmark Forum, a three day and one evening program that empowers people to fulfill on those things that are most important to them.

2) The Landmark Seminar Program, a variety of 10 session programs that cover topics ranging from relationships, to money and finance, to fittness and well being.

3) The Landmark Advanced Course, a 3 day program that allows participants to design a new future for their life that is based on the things that are most important to them.

4) The Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program, a 3 month program that supports people in creating and carrying out projects in their community that both make a difference and allow participants to develop their leadership skills.


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