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Ciorcal na mBan

‘Ciorcal na mBan’ was created following Andrea Lippert’s project ‘A light in the Dark’ created in the Landmark Education SELP programme.

Ciorcal na mBan – The Circle of the Women

The beginnings – over the last few years I have searched to create a happy and powerful life for myself. I did personal development courses with Landmark Education, took part in Family Constellations. I practice Tai Chi and Meditation and have an interest in Holistic Healing. Working as a tour guide, looking after people and finding out about the history of places showed me in the end it is all about people and their endeavour to have a good life and to make a difference in the world. This made me aware of the spiritual aspects of life as well.

An Ciorcal na mBan – in connection with Tai Chi a few women already got together for a weekly meditation. Looking around me I could see many wonderful women with many talents, many skills, trying to make a good life, like myself. I started thinking about a bigger group of women getting
together to meditate. And from there it was only a short route to think about a circle of women, meeting once a week to meditate. And there is plenty of things we can do from here – walking, art, writing, sports, music. Eventually we will have a website as a forum to exchange information and ideas.

Since Lughnasa, 1st August we are getting together in a beautiful place, a healing centre, which was created by a good friend of mine, a wonderful, inspiring woman and healer who left this world and ‘went back to universe’ early this year.

An Ciorcal na mBan
Andrea Lippert


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Unleashing Crumlin’s Hidden Talent

Catriona McGloin created the following project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme:

The staff of the Hospital, Research Centre and Foundation (at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin) took to the stage of the Red Cow Pavilion, Dublin, on 26th April for the inaugural “Unleashing Crumlin’s Hidden Talent” in an effort to raise funds for the Fix Crumlin campaign.

Over 500 people saw “Thriller” take first prize on a tense audience vote ahead of “Lord of the Dance”, “De Miserables”, “Jedward” and “Top Gun” amongst a long list of performers.

Huge thanks goes to Brenda Ryan, Suzanne Allen, Catriona McGloin, Rachel O’Connor, Orla Callendar, Andrew Pendred, Robert Keogh, our judges, performers and all who helped raise almost €7,000 on the night.

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Up for Business

Dungannon resident Brian MacAuley has created ‘Up for Business’ as his project while taking part Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership programme. Up for Business consists so far of two one-day events for entrepreneurs featuring mentor sessions and professional speakers, one in Coalisland on March 1st, and another in Donaghmore on March 14th.

The event takes the perspective that the negativity surrounding the economy has stopped some entrepreneurs from boldly, confidently following their dreams of creating and expanding their business. Each event has featured 40 advisers and experts in various business disciplines providing 30 minute ‘speed mentoring’ sessions along with public presentations. Watch MacAulery’s video below.

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Slimathon a cruthaíodh in Oideachas Landmark Féin-Léiriú agus Clár Ceannaireachta

Is iontach é an dea-scéala faoin Imearlann sa Rinn- go mbeidh áis súgartha ag muintir na gaeltachta ar deireadh thiar thall. Is léir go bhfuil muintir na háite ag tarraingt le chéile agus ag tacú leis na himeachtaí atá ar bun chun airgead a bhailiú ar mhaithe leis.

Beidh imeacht eachtrúil ar siúl as seo ‘dtí’n Nollaig. Beidh sláinte an bhradáin ag na rannpháirtithe leis an  Slimathon ar siúl arís i dTigh Uí Mhuirithe agus leis an mhaidin siúlóide/reatha ar an gCoinigéar.

Deir Darren Ó Droma , ball choiste na hImearlainne agus stiúrthóir Maidin sa Choinigéar, “ Má nascann tú an dá rud, meáchain a chailliúint diaidh ar ndiaidh agus aclaíocht, tá seans níos fearr ann go mairfidh na torthaí ar dhuine thar ama. Is cuma más siúlóir tú nó reathaí den scoth tú, b’fhiú go mór páirt a ghlacadh sa sraith ar an gCoinigéar ”

Is fear mór an phobail é Darren, le páistí óga aige féin, dúirt sé go nglacfadh se páirt don chraic . “ Is an-dheis é seo don phobal agus deas é a chur ar fáil. Beidh Imearlann againn as chomh maith!”

Is gach Céadaoin idir 8-9i.n. i dTigh Uí Mhuirithe a bheidh an Slimathon, €5 an babhta le oíche chláriúcháin ar an 12ú Deireadh Fómhair agus an chéad oíche ansan ar an 19ú ar feadh 10 seachtaine.

Tosnóidh an mhaidin siúlóide/reatha ar an gCoinigéar ar an 23ú Deireadh Fómhair ar a 9.30 r.n. ar feadh 9 seachtaine. Cosnóidh sé €2 gach babhta.

Beidh ceiliúradh don dá rud ar oíche dheireanach an ‘Slimathon’ ach ní gá duit an dá imeacht a dhéanamh nach an oiread. Leanaigí ‘Imearlann’ ar facebook.


Here is a community project of Jen Uí Dhuibhir, created while she took part in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

It’s wonderful to see the encouragement for the ‘Imearlann’ by the Gaeltacht community, a project aimed at creating a playground in An Rinn. Not only is the spirit of support and unity alive and well but the people of this peninsula are up for having their health and wellbeing transformed in the coming months.

This Wednesday 12th, in Tigh Uí Mhuirithe, Heilbhic, a registration night takes place for the ‘Slimathon’, a 10 week, weight loss game which has been run very successfully with a few years for various causes and charities. In addition to the Slimathon there will be a Sunday walking/running league along the Cunnigar.

Darren Ó Droma, an Imearlann committee member and organiser of the event  says “ Combining a weight-loss Slimathon and a walking/running league is a great structure for anyone who wants to make those subtle lifestyle changes that make a difference. Whether you’re a beginner walker or a competitive runner, already taking part in the Winter League, Sunday morning in the Cunnigar is for you” .

Darren, a passionate community man and parent of two young children also says that he’ll be taking part himself for the craic . “ It’s also  an opportunity to contribute to the community, and to top it all off, we’ll raise funds for the Imearlann. Everyone wins”

Slimathon registration, Tigh Uí Mhuirithe, 8-9pm for 10 weeks with week 1 beginning on October 19th, €5 per night.

Sunday Walking/Running League for 9 weeks, week 1 beginning on October 23rd , €2 per morning.

A celebration night for both will take place on the final Slimathon evening . It’s not necessary to commit to both. You can follow ‘Imearlann’ on facebook.

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Climbing Kilimanjaro and Benefiting Children

This is a story about a woman from Sligo who rasied money for Barnardos by climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro.

Olivia  Seery hadn’t seen Mt. Kilimanjaro is almost 30 years until she returned to  climb it this September. Although she didn’t quite reach the summit, her efforts did have her reach another challenging goal – raising over €5,000 for Barnardos Children’s Charity, the largest such charity in Ireland.

Seery,  who leads Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program in Ireland, created ‘Back to Africa for Ireland’s Children’ as her project while leading her latest course. The climb for charity was a stretch for Seery in more ways than one. Raising a large amount of money required a breakthrough in asking for things from others. It also required a breakthrough physically, as such a climb initially looked near impossible for the 66 year-old Seery.

It  began with her building her aerobic endurance. She ran a number of 10k races, including one to raise money. She found other ingenious ways to meet her fundraising goal, including a quiz at a local pub, a cake sale at her church, and ‘Barnardos buckets’ at the checkout of her local supermarket.

She  also created a donation page on the Barnados website, which still works for those who would like to contribute:

Seery  also had to find hills to climb and workout equipment that would simulate climbing, as the midlands of Ireland are extremely flat and she was unused to any sort of climbing. She continued to work out vigorously over a three month period.

She  left Ireland on September 8th and joined 17 others in the trek towards the summit. After three days, Seery reached the Mawenzi Tarn Camp at a height of 4,330 meters (over 14,000 feet), but it was clear at this point she would have to turn back – she was suffering from both altitude sickness and severe dehydration – and IV drip needed to be set up for her there.

Although  Seery was unable to reach the summit, she had no regrets about her trip, having given it everything she had at all stages of the project. In all the training, fundraising, climbing and being taken down the mountain, Seery got connected to community and contribution in a way she never had before.

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Restoring a Father Son Relationship

This video is about a man who had left Ireland to live in Australia in part because of a falling out with his father.  Here he shares about how through his participation in the Landmark Forum he was able to  take responsibility for his role in the falling out and renew his relationship with his father.  In fact he is returning to live in Ireland after more than 20 years.

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Ireland’s Largest Childrens Charity Acknowledges Landmark Graduate Project

A link to  a story on Landmark Education News was submitted to us about a project created by Olivia Seery of Sligo who created a funraising walk to raise money for Barnardo’s- a leading childrens charity in both the UK and Ireland.  Prior to creating the charity walk, Olivia had not traveled more than a kilometer on foot in many many years.

We also understand that Olivia has just returned from a trek on Mt. Kilamanjaro where she was raising money from the same Charity.   We hope that we can get a story up on this site very soon.

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