The ABC Run For Literacy Awareness

The ABC Run For Literacy Awareness was Christine Daly’s project that she created when she took part in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program in Ireland. The run was a 5k event that took place at noon on August 21st at the Wicklow Sailing Club. Participants contributed €15 to enter (€12 for children under 18 and seniors). Prize went to participants for winning their race category, as well as to those who wore the best hats! The race started at the sailing club overlooking the harbour, went all through the town, giving great views of Wicklow Bay.

All proceeds from the event went to a pilot program in Wicklow to raise awareness of illiteracy, through the administration of ABC 123 For Literacy. It is estimated that 25% of Ireland’s adult population is illiterate. ABC 123 For Literacy seeks to raise awareness of the issue, and to encourage literate adults to become volunteers that help others learn to read. ABC’s campaign is asking people to donate just one hour a week of their time. To learn more, visit their website at

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