Landmark Education In Ireland

Landmark Education Programs have been offered in Ireland for nearly 10 years.   Starting with a Landmark Forum in Dublin; today, Graduates of The Landmark Forum live in many cities in Ireland, from Sligo, to Limerick, and Cork.

Four Landmark Education Programs are offered in Ireland:

1)  The Landmark Forum, a three day and one evening program that empowers people to fulfill on those things that are most important to them.

2) The Landmark Seminar Program, a variety of 10 session programs that cover topics ranging from relationships, to money and finance, to fittness and well being.

3) The Landmark Advanced Course, a 3 day program that allows participants to design a new future for their life that is based on the things that are most important to them.

4) The Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program, a 3 month program that supports people in creating and carrying out projects in their community that both make a difference and allow participants to develop their leadership skills.


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  1. Improper use of comma and semicolon nightmare! 😉

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